Saturday, February 28

great expectations for capital letters

it was around two in the morning and i was quite weary in my defense. i was attempting to study, and so was my roommate. however, all we could think of was other things to do instead. like doodle or talk or even just lay and stare at the ceiling. i was thinking about how i never type correctly. i type everything in lowercase, and i know i shouldn't but i can't help it. especially when i'm not typing something formal like an essay. people have become so accustomed to type in all lower case letters, especially when messaging online. i was suddenly hit with a worry that 'what if people become too used to typing in all lowercase?', 'what if no one types correctly in the future?'. i was having a minor confused freak out, but my roommate assured me that this wouldn't occur. she said something from 1984 wouldn't happen, like instead of loosing words we wouldn't loose capital letters. but what if our online typing changed the way we typed? maybe not in the immediate future, but maybe years from now, people will have changed the way they write because they got so used to typing all in lower case. this wouldn't probably happen with books or formal writing, but maybe just in communication online. writing has evolved so much throughout history, and i became curious about what were the effects that the internet could have on the way we write.
although the thought frightens me (at least at two in the morning it did), it doesn't change the fact that i will continue to type all in lower case. but i did have a new found appreciation for those who type in conversations online in the correct format. kudos to you out there that do this. you might just be the only ones trying to save our capital letters. thanks for not conforming.

on a lighter and less sleep deprived note, i got a new of course, what better way than introduce my new baby. here's a pick i took the first day i had it in my possession. i think i might call it 'big brother is watching you' lol 

and lastly, i would like to share one of my recent obsessions, The Gaslight Anthem and their song "Great Expectations":

they are pretty catchy, and have an up-beat and intoxicating sound. i would definately recommend looking up some of their other songs. hope you like the pic and the song, and now i'm going to go see if i can get some much needed sleep.


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