Wednesday, June 24

summertime shots

a promise is a promise. here they are. i went to a park near my friends house and took a small nature walk. i felt like i was in the everglades when we were near the swampy areas. hope to be back soon. until then, hope you like these.


Tuesday, June 23

lazy rainy day

today was a day off that i spent at home. the weather has been really hot and sunny in the past few days, but today was thunderstorm after thunderstorm. i was supposed to go to the beach with a friend, but this morning we decided that it wouldn't be such a great idea lol. i've spent the day watching law & order (both c.i. and s.v.u.), it's my guilty pleasure. in my pj's all day, i've been trying to finish reading 'Into the Wild' by Jon Krakauer. i'm liking it so far, i want to see the movie but i thought that it would be better to read the book first. after seeing 'Milk', i youtubed interviews of sean penn and emile hirsch and came across the 'Into the Wild' interviews. so naturally, i was interested and wanted to experience it myself. especially since i find something so compeling about nature. i'm hoping tomorrow's weather isn't too rainy because i'm supposed to go to the park with a friend and take some shots. i love the way the streets look after it rains, especially when it's night time and the lights reflect off the concrete. but i'd like it to be just a little bright, whether sunny or grey, so that the light is good. my poor camera hasn't had a proper day of attention in a while. i can't wait to go to a new place to take pics, it always feel like a small adventure to take shots of a new place. so i'm hoping to be back tomorrow or thursday to share with you the shots.

i was thinking about music i've recently discovered, but i've drawn a blank. i have a long list of music that i want to download. at the top part of the list is the new Dave Matthews Band cd. i haven't listened to the whole cd, but what i have heard, i like. this list was started at the end of spring semester and hasn't been touched much in the past month sadly. and i'm thinking of dedicating a few hours in the next few days to downloading my list and anything else that comes to mind. i'm open to any suggestions, i know i get a lot of inspiration from blogs i follow. but if there's any 'you-must-listen-to-this-it-will-change-your-life' kinda of stuff, let me know.
i hope your week is going well, be back soon,


Thursday, June 18

kitchen lessons and minor obsessions

here are a few shots i have taken in the past month. hopefully the rain will stop on one of my days off so i can go out and take some shots of a park or something. as you can see, i've spent a good deal of time in the kitchen. my cooking classes are going well, i think i'm finally memorizing some things. nothing has tasted too terrible, and i'm excited to try out recipes in a dorm hall kitchen lol. i have this minor obsession with the cartoon of the girl with the umbrella from the salt container. i find her adorable and everytime i see it, i want to draw or paint it. the last pic is of my flip flop at the beach. i think i've done that type of shot before, i don't remember if i've shared it already, but i just love how the sun reflects of of it and the macro captures the wrinkles in the leather. so, i hope to be back soon with some pics of something i've created. keep your fingers crossed. hope this week is treating you well,


Tuesday, June 16

change is the only constant


i'm speechless. that's a first. i don't even want to think about how long it's been since i've blogged. i'm just going to focus on the fact that i'm back and i'm really going to try my hardest not to desert my blog. i'm very emotionally attached, even though i seem to have put it on the back burner for a while. i'm terribly sorry to anyone who was following. i haven't died....yet. i'm still kicking. and mostly working. i started working as a cashier at a store the week after i got home. i wasn't expecting to be so quickly employed to be honest. but now i go and give up most of my days to ringing up people and processing returns. sometimes i'm surprised at how many angry and rude people there are in this life. i work for a store that is a corporate chain. it will not be named, but let's just say my dream of one day owning my own store is even more ingrained in my mind. i am truly a wanna-be hippie that believes in mom'n'pop places and treating people the best way possible. life is too short. why be rude and distant? sometimes i think i should have existed in another time. anyway, enough about that. i'm going to try writing in a journal in my small free time between work and my one night class and then go online and type it out here.
let's see how this goes. time just doesn't stop zooming by for me. and i think i'm needing this outlet more and more each day. i feel bored many days. and i blame myself because i seem to just do what's expected of me and then sit around all day on my days off. it's becoming exhausting to do nothing. i need to drink some creative juices and bounce back. sorry for keeping you waiting for a month and a half. now, i'm going to try and catch up on all the blogs i follow. this is going to be interesting lol.
change is truly the only constant in this life. remember to take a few seconds and enjoy the present because it will soon be the past. hope you are well and that you are enjoying your summer. til next time (which i promise will be really soon),