Thursday, January 28

the curve that sets things straight

"Smile, what's the use of crying?
you'll find that life is still worthwhile
if you just smile"

dear random stranger,

i walked by you this week after my french class and you didn't see me. you were sitting in a very relaxed position on a bench and you were reading. and it wasn't really your attitude or your comfort that was cool. it was the fact that you were wearing a grey converse shoe on one foot and an orange converse shoe on the other. i just wanted to say, you're awesome.

thank you for being you,

- Genevieve

Tuesday, January 26

getting what you need & the cherry red soda

i'm a big believer in living life to the fullest. it's difficult sometimes because we get caught up in the little things and cry over spilled milk. which although i love me a cold glass of milk, a spill wouldn't or should i say, shouldn't make me cry. we (maybe i should say i?) get wrapped up in our hectic lives and forget to stop and smell the roses.
someone very close to me asked me, "what question would you ask yourself?" and at first i think i over analyzed the question, but then i started to wonder. and this was via computer communication, so i responded:

"are you living today? or just existing? that's what i ask myself every chance i get. i want to be living life, not just going through the motions. i want to be enjoying what i do and loving most of the things that i choose to do. i know it gets rough sometimes and it's not always perfect, but i want to make sure that i am doing all in my power to be living life to the fullest. carpe diem"

this was written on a day that i had caffeine through my vains of course. but it is what i truly believe. life is too short to be worrying. not saying that i'm not a worrier. i could take an award for anxiety and stress freak outs. however, i am happy with stress as long as i love most of what i am doing in my day to day.

you can't always get what you want
but if you try sometimes you might find
you get what you need

right now, i'm in love with this painting

in my beginnings of modernism art history class we just covered Courbet. this is his self portrait The Desperate Man (1844-1845). the course is basically European artwork in the 19th century, mostly French. i'm pretty much in love.

hope you are having a good last week of january. carpe diem,

- Genevieve

Sunday, January 17

we are magnets

happy 2010 :)

it's been too long. i apologize. i really have no excuses except that i was eaten by mountain lions in the backyard of my summer home in brazil while i was vacationing and conducting research on this time machine i built out of a cardboard box. it's quite the feat, it can go forward at normal speed of time. it also can function as a space ship that takes you to a different planet, such as south florida if that cardboard box happens to be driving along the east coast.

i'm just kidding. i wasn't really eaten alive, or else i couldn't be writing this at the moment. and i also have never been to brazil, although it sounds lovely.

and i just googled 'mountain lions' and this image came up, which i felt that i had to share. maybe it can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and be distracted from the fact that i haven't blogged in a bagillion years...

a warning i might add to googling 'mountain lions', not all pictures are as adorable as this one and you might actually suffer from fear from the rest of the pictures...

now that you are back from that google hit (how did you know that i would go google 'mountain lions'?) well i'm not quite sure that you did, but if i had read that i would lol

i have some music to share:

pandora introduced me to built by snow and i found this video that sort of shows them playing "science of love" live (but if you can go to pandora to listen, it would be best)

Science of Love

magnetic fields are forcing static through my brain
subtracting you from me won't keep these thoughts away
it's the science of our love (we are magnets)
it's the science of our love (we are magnets)

it's the science of our love (we are magnets)
it's the science of our love (we are magnets)

magnetic hearts are beating static through our veins
attracting you and me while pulling us away
is this science or our love (we are magnets)
is this science or our love (we are magnets)

i'm sort of obsessed with superbus, it's unhealthy.

and firefox ak is a pandora suggestion as well. these two songs caught my ear. the first is more recent and probably less uplifting than the second, but both wonderful.

Wonder Boy

A wonderous boy
Just wonders around
Just wonders around

He writes his own songs
And bought his first guitar
When he was only nine years old
He lives in a small town
Collect cars and dimes
I guess he just wonders around

A wonderous boy
Just wonders around
Just wonders around

i think it is time to go back to my school work, but it's been fun. i shall be back soon. this time it will be within the next week, if not sooner. this whole month later blogging is not so great. until next time, hope all is well and that this new year is treating you wonderfully. stay warm,