Tuesday, January 26

getting what you need & the cherry red soda

i'm a big believer in living life to the fullest. it's difficult sometimes because we get caught up in the little things and cry over spilled milk. which although i love me a cold glass of milk, a spill wouldn't or should i say, shouldn't make me cry. we (maybe i should say i?) get wrapped up in our hectic lives and forget to stop and smell the roses.
someone very close to me asked me, "what question would you ask yourself?" and at first i think i over analyzed the question, but then i started to wonder. and this was via computer communication, so i responded:

"are you living today? or just existing? that's what i ask myself every chance i get. i want to be living life, not just going through the motions. i want to be enjoying what i do and loving most of the things that i choose to do. i know it gets rough sometimes and it's not always perfect, but i want to make sure that i am doing all in my power to be living life to the fullest. carpe diem"

this was written on a day that i had caffeine through my vains of course. but it is what i truly believe. life is too short to be worrying. not saying that i'm not a worrier. i could take an award for anxiety and stress freak outs. however, i am happy with stress as long as i love most of what i am doing in my day to day.

you can't always get what you want
but if you try sometimes you might find
you get what you need

right now, i'm in love with this painting

in my beginnings of modernism art history class we just covered Courbet. this is his self portrait The Desperate Man (1844-1845). the course is basically European artwork in the 19th century, mostly French. i'm pretty much in love.

hope you are having a good last week of january. carpe diem,

- Genevieve

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  1. i love you. this was exactly what i needed to hear today.