Thursday, June 18

kitchen lessons and minor obsessions

here are a few shots i have taken in the past month. hopefully the rain will stop on one of my days off so i can go out and take some shots of a park or something. as you can see, i've spent a good deal of time in the kitchen. my cooking classes are going well, i think i'm finally memorizing some things. nothing has tasted too terrible, and i'm excited to try out recipes in a dorm hall kitchen lol. i have this minor obsession with the cartoon of the girl with the umbrella from the salt container. i find her adorable and everytime i see it, i want to draw or paint it. the last pic is of my flip flop at the beach. i think i've done that type of shot before, i don't remember if i've shared it already, but i just love how the sun reflects of of it and the macro captures the wrinkles in the leather. so, i hope to be back soon with some pics of something i've created. keep your fingers crossed. hope this week is treating you well,


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