Wednesday, February 4

sunlight in your eyes

there is something about looking at the sun and its rays that is breathtaking. to witness a sunrise or sunset is a spectacular sight to me. all i want to do is capture it on film to remember the moment or look at it long enough to try to memorize it. but even though it occurs every day and even though i could catch it whenever i please, each time seems and feels like the first time all over again. one morning, i awoke at the crack of dawn to take pictures of the leaves changing colors. i fell in love with the sight of the sunrise once again. it's like a blind man seeing for the first time. these are a few of the pictures from the folder that contains about 300 lol. the leaves changing colors is something almost as equally breathtaking. i couldnt help but take millions of pictures. nature awes me. it's art on earth that people neglect at times. it can captivate you as much as a painting or a picture. and artists have tried to capture this beauty to portray what is around them, but sometimes it doesn't seem to quite fulfill the same sensation. although the artwork can be beautiful and be as realistic as the actual flower or tree, there is an element of something missing. the presense of that part of nature, that can only be witnessed in person. nature truly is art's muse and art is breathing because nature is giving it the air to breathe. 
hope you like them...


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