Friday, February 20

stop and smell the tulips

being caught of guard by nature is one of the most incredible things. at least for me it is. to be walking and then suddenly notice flowers or a tree or a beautiful sky are some of the moments of awe that i crave. i can't wait for more flowers to bloom and it to be officially spring. as much as i love fall, spring brings a peaceful time, nice weather and flowers. it's as if everything is waking up from a long sleep, and my eyes feel like they witness something new every year. i love when flowers catch me off guard and i can't help but smile. they radiate happiness and beauty. Renoir always makes me smile because most of his paintings of nature are uplifting. the painting above is Summer Landscape (1873) and the idea of this garden made me wish i could be there to take some shots.
although roses are beautiful, my favorite flower is tulips. when i was little i went to a tulip festival and i remember the rows and rows of different colored tulips there was. i remember picking up seeds in hopes of growing my own tulip garden. unfortunately, i was unsuccessful in this venture, but one day i hope to have a garden. a garden much like the one in the Renoir painting but it must have tulips. so with this thought, i started searching for paintings of tulips. i came across  A Field of Tulips in Holland (1886) by Monet. not only did it make me smile because it's a field of tulips but because of the windmill. a few years ago, i went to Germany and i will never forget driving on the highway by the windmills. they are massive in size and yet seem so peaceful in the fields. i could watch them for hours. this painting combined two of my favorite things. i really can't wait for spring. i hope you like the paintings and don't forget to stop and smell the roses.


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