Monday, February 9

the blue velvet dark and stars

so although i should be studying astronomy because i have a quiz tomorrow morning lol, i decided to share something interesting that my professor showed to us in lecture. this image shows the diurnal motion, the daily motion of the stars around the earth. we don't notice it, but as the 24 hours go by, the earth's rotation make that the stars 'rotate' in a circle. this circle is created at the north pole, so the center of this swirl is the North Star aka Polaris. i have always loved star gazing and the idea of space, so i decided to take this course for that reason. so far, i have enjoyed it because i like learning about the phenomena that occurs all around us. even if we are just a spec of nothing in a spec of a second in time. this photograph just blew me away. it is a picture capturing motion basically, taken over a span about 10 hours. the line is created by the rotation of the earth, and each line is a star or constellation. i want to one day take a similar photograph. i have no idea how to do it and i would probably have to go somewhere where there is no light pollution; but ever since i saw this picture, i have just wanted to recreate it. 
it scares me to know that we are close to nothing in this life. we mean so much to the people of our time, but in large scale history, we could be forgotten. i have always had a narcissistic dream to be famous for something. i want to be remembered for something in this life. i want someone to write a biography about me or be in a history book. when i was younger i thought it was possible, but sadly as i get older i realize how much of an impact you would have to make. to go from having 15 minutes (or seconds in this day in age) of fame to being remembered for longer. this photograph has much more meaning to me than the simple 'coolness' that you can see in it. it represents to me an aspiration to recreate this photograph. it represents how miniscule my life could be to the rest of the universe. it represents how much i would like to leave my mark. but all in all, even if it is worth a thousand words, all i can share with you is this piece of art. here is a song that i found on my ipod by The Weepies. they are an indie duo who create great easy going music. maybe you can enjoy the simple, sweet melody while stargazing one night...


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  1. i absolutely love the picture. :)

    and i agree with you that it seems as if we are "just a spec of nothing in a spec of a second in time". which is a frightening thought of course, unless we consider that our one spec is better than no spec at all.

    perhaps this one entire spec to be alive and enjoy life is not so miniscule after all.