Wednesday, February 11

for the sake of creativity

have you ever looked at something and just become completely curious as to how it was made or how it was done? story of my life. minus i never seemed too interested in mechanics or how electronics were made. but when it comes to art, film, photography or music, it's a curiousity i can't satiate at times. i began making videos for school projects a few years ago, and ever since the moment that i opened Windows Movie Maker, i can't get enough of it. i love editing, filming, creating. sometimes certain movie edits are simple to do, but other times it takes planning and much trial and error. after a few months of editing, Windows Movie Maker couldn't do everything i wanted, but editing software is pretty pricy. so one day i hope to get to play around with a more intense editing software. lately, i have had an urge to film something and edit it. i don't exactly know what yet lol, but for creativity's sake, just have fun with it. i was searching on youtube the other day for The Postal Service music and i came across this video. the two people who made this used a lot of interesting techniques, and especially their use of lighting and the sped up parts. the whole set up is interesting, and they had the video match the song really well. makes you want to go out and make an indie music video.
i found out a little random info out by being a creeper and reading some of the comment responses. debohrah and neil used iMovie and took pictures of the drawings and made the time really short for each pic, so that it could be the movement that they wanted. i think they did an excellent job. i hope to one day do something with similar intricacies. i hope you enjoy this youtube video, and if you've never listened to The Postal Service, i also hope you go out and listen to some of their stuff. it makes for great chillin or studying playlists. there truly is nothing better and i must now say goodbye...


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  1. quite inspirational, as always, genevieve.
    loved the video too. :)