Tuesday, February 24

it's never the end, it's only the beginning

planetary nebula is like colorful artwork in the sky to me. it's so strange to believe that it is a combination of dust and gases. during the astronomy lecture, i began to think about how the stars and planets were made out of dust. as humans, we find dust gross and unwanted. we clean our living quarters to make sure we are dust free. just today, i was cleaning my room, which mostly consisted of dusting. getting rid of this grey, black, brown mixture of unwanted mess. but yet, it is was involved in creating our universe. how can this substance create everything around us. how can it create such incredible things like planetery nebula. looking at the pictures, i wanted to pick up a paint brush and try to paint one. the contrast of dark background with the bright, some neon, colors are beautiful. the way that these nebula were created because a star died, shows how something is born out of the death of another. even if it is the end for something in our universe, it is the beginning for another. in a way, it's never the end. it's only the beginning. and we should try to approach life that way. it's not the end, it's just a fresh start.
may your planetary nebula shine bright out of the dust of something gone. be back soon.


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