Wednesday, February 18

warm thoughts from me to you

in the past couple of days, i have been walking to class with the sun shining down on me while catching a few people speaking in a foreign languages. i miss the warmth that the rays can create and i enjoy hearing a language that i can't decipher. i think the combination of the two made me want to find a spot in the grass to enjoy the weather, and somehow at the same time listen to them speak. even if i couldn't understand what they were saying. i speak spanish, so if it is a romance language, i can pick up on few things. but if its anything else, it's a lot more difficult. that doesn't seem to bother me. it intrigues me not knowing what they are saying and it being able to sound so fluid and eloquent. i also love music that is in a foreign language.

i don't know how many people have ever heard Shakira sing in spanish, but she is one of my all time favorite artists. this song is Dia de Enero and i found the video with english subtitles. it wouldn't let me embed it, but here's the link:

i love everything about this video, the setting, the lighting, the naturalness and peacefulness. i would love to make a video with sun rays shining into the camera like this. i've been trying to capture that on film lately because i find it breathtaking. the picture above is of a fountain that i love, the area is very peaceful. great place to meditate. and the sun was hitting just the way i wanted, so i took a pic of it. i hope that you enjoy the sweet melody of the love song. and that the sun rays in the video warm your thoughts today...


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  1. lovely :)
    reading this did, in fact, make me feel warm. even though i am actually quite freezing from my a/c currently lol.