Tuesday, March 3

perfectly intertwined scheme

have you ever had an occurence in your life be so perfectly in tune with something else? like it's pure coincidence? i kind of like to think that it's not. that things are sometimes happening in a perfectly intertwined scheme, and all we can do is sit back and watch. well today, i went to go see an interview of Zach Braff here on campus. it was pretty much perfect. he was hilarious, very witty and random, and he seemed like he was about to explode everytime he spoke. i have been a fan since i saw Garden State sophomore year in high school. not only is the movie awesome, but so is the soundtrack. both are a must. he wrote, directed and acted in the movie, and chose the soundtrack (which he won a Grammy for). on top of the fact that he's hilarious in scrubs and directed the last couple of seasons. he has a great taste in music and directs music videos, too. basically, i would convert to Judaism for him. and the perfect coincidence of it all is that i've been wanting to make a movie. to write out a story, film and my favorite part: edit.

since about friday night, with a few friends, we've decided to make a movie. we've created characters whose story, at this point, must be told. and the idea of making a few shorts has also been thought up. and tonight, the first question that was asked by the audience was about advice to film writers. his answer was simple, but from experience. i hadn't thought of it, but he made perfect sense. i usually see occurences as things that are meant to be, and i believe that experiences are always beneficial. if they are good experiences in life, you can celebrate them; and if they are bad experiences in life, you can learn from them.

tonight, this one was good. it was the perfect boost to my creative juices and he inspired me more than he will ever know. i can't wait to shoot and edit some shorts and especially the movie. and if you haven't seen Garden State or heard the soundtrack, i really hope that you do go out and experience them. here is "New Slang" by The Shins and clips of the movie. 'You gotta hear this one song. It'll change your life. I swear'.

hopefully next time i'll have something to show you that i created, but until then, i must go back to studying for midterms. be back soon,


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