Friday, March 20

stand back and see the bigger picture

mosaics are small pieces of color that come together to form a bigger picture. it's like all the little intricate separate pieces unite to form one majestic sight. it made me wonder sometimes that many little things in life, the good and the bad, when put together as a whole and looked at from afar can be beautiful. these two pictures come from the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna, Italy. it is an early Christian funerary chapel with mosaics from ca. 425. i thought they were beautiful and colorful, and must be more interesting in person. a picture of a mosaic is difficult to capture, because some are so intricate that they end up looking like a paintings. either way, mosaics were intriguing to me ever since i was little. i liked the mixture of colors and how the shapes were chosen and placed. and my favorite part was to stand back and see all the little pieces turn into a big picture. they really are incredible feats.

and the following band was a little random find that i came across on itunes, the Photographic. they are really cool to listen to when studying or writing or especially just to chill. they have pretty trippy video projections when they perform, i'd love to see them live. my favorite song by them is "Secure", definitely recommend taking a listen. i couldn't find a video with the song, but this video is from the visuals part from their enhanced cd. and of course, i'm digging the editing. it's a simple complexity with very indie, unique clips.

enjoy the music, may it relax you and help start off your weekend.


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