Tuesday, March 24

it's the little things

i was sitting outside on one of the picnic tables reading my textbook when out of the corner of my eye i see a red bird fly by. i was startled because it was a bright red, almost orange in color. i followed it's path until it came down to the ground about five or six feet away from me. today was the first time i have ever seen a red cardinal in my life. i thought the bright red color of cardinals was an exaggeration by the cartoons and team slogans. my mouth fell open and i couldn't help but stare in wonder at this beautiful creature. it was a shame that i didn't have my camera on me because this cardinal was so peacefully walking around trying to find something to eat. i still can't get over how amazing it's color was. i really hope that i encounter another one and that i have my camera on me next time, i would love to try to capture how graceful and beautiful they are. i found these pictures on flickr, i especially liked the mosaic.

hope you're off to a good start this week and that a breathtaking bird flies your way,


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