Monday, March 16

spring nirvana

ok, this time it has been a while. it has been an entire week since the last time i blogged. which isn't really that much time but it feels like a long while. i'm back, no worries. i am recharged and ready to face the last few weeks of school before summer. and i'm back to share some shots i took over my break. of all of them, these are my favorites. i was very interested with the contrast of nature vs. concrete. i love concrete's texture and appearance. although it is rough, cold and hard, it has some sort of beauty in my eyes. i enjoy taking pics with interesting angles of it. the song at the bottom, "Syndicate" by The Fray seems to capture the vibe of the pics and my current mood. if you haven't checked out their new cd, i highly suggest you do. they came back with a bang. the entire cd is worth purchasing, all of the songs are amazing. it's hard to pick one favorite. 
hope you like the pics and the music, be back really soon with more...