Monday, March 9

take my hand and let's dance

it feels like i haven't been on in a while, which is partially true. but i've been home for spring break since friday so time has just slipped by. i promise i haven't abandoned you lol. the break has been so relaxing. i've been getting some writing done and last night i sketched a bit. i love being home, it's very soothing. i feel that i can concentrate better in letting my mind wander and coming up with creative ideas. i feel very liberated.

anyways, back to what i wanted to post. i don't have much to say but that i've been feeling in a very calm and content but pensive mood lately. and these artists capture that mood.

so first is Adele, she has an incredible voice, singing "Make you feel my love"

and second is Meiko singing "Reasons to love you"

both artists have a voice that relaxes me. the songs have melodies that make me feel like i'm in a dream and my mind just drifts off. they're very romantic and poetic, and i can't help but forget about the rest of the world and just listen. i hope you enjoy the songs and that they have the same relaxing effect they have on me. hope your week is going good, be back soon.


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