Wednesday, March 18

it's in the air and it's all around

i just had a little random burst of inspiration. the idea for this pic started when i saw the 'stretch' tag and then it grew from there. and i love the texture that a piece of paper gets after you crumble it multiple times. it becomes really soft and fragile. it looks like it's been through a lot and has a story to tell. maybe it does.

and this song has been stuck in my head all day. i subscribed to Strawburry17 on youtube originally and she was part of putting together a 'punk goes pop 2' contest to pick a video for A Static Lullaby. they did a cover on Britney's "Toxic" which is really catchy and i definitely like it more than the original. anyways, on top of jamming to the song, check out kennychiwa147 's submission. really creative and love the card board box. totally subscribing to him as we speak.

so i hope you enjoy the pic, song and vid. i recommend checking out the youtube channels, i love watching people's mini creations. they're pretty inspiring. hope your week is going good,


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