Saturday, April 25

the water's warm and children swim

this thought is the only thing that is keeping me going. finals are taking away my brain, sleeping and social life. but i'm ok with that because come this wednesday, i'll be free. i can't wait for summer, even if i'm going to be taking a class or working, i'll be home and be able to visit the beach. i'm listening to very chill and relaxing music lately, like earlier Death Cab for Cutie. here's their song "Summer skin" from their 2005 cd Plans...

i hope your weekend is going good, have fun for me. i promise to be back soon. i'm most excited because i'll have time to do some artsy things this summer, which i can share with you. get excited. until we meet again, hope all is well. sending warm thoughts,



  1. love the song! and I can hardly wait to see what you have up your sleeve in the art department :)
    much amor from lise <3

  2. oh good luck on exams! i'm in exactly the same position as you are, i have 3 ap exams in a row in less than 2 weeks and it's killing me. as of now i've studied today for nearly 10 hours straight.

  3. i'm a lot into relaxing music lately too. It definitely helps me escape reality sometimes. You should definitely listen to Kings of Convenience, they're one of a kind!


  4. Good luck, I know exactly how you feel with ap exams!