Sunday, April 5

solving the cube of time and tranquility

this past week has been very long to say the least. my studies attacked me and left me quite defenseless. but after a good night's sleep and a peaceful saturday, i return to my little corner in cyberspace. i have so many things i want to do to enjoy this weekend, that i feel there isn't going to be enough time. but so far, so good. i'm going to edit some time-lapse footage i took during the nature hike and make something creative. i might play around with some photos on sumo paint. i haven't edited too much with it, but it's uber awesome. in case you've never heard of such an amazing wonder, sumo paint is a free online image editor. you can also just 'paint' and draw something. but it's like paint on steriods. i don't have photoshop and the facebook picnik doesn't have this much stuff. i stumbled upon this site and it was love at first sight. happy sumo painting.
i youtubed stop motion because i've sort of become addicted to the idea of making vids with it. this vid is golden. probably because they used The Postal Service as their song and they actually solved the rubik's cube. i'm always amazed when someone can do it. i've spent tons of times trying and can only get one side, and parts of others. before i die, i want to solve it.

well, i hope that i can return soon. maybe with a vid that i make or some pics i played around with. hope your weekend is going good,


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