Friday, April 17

the thing you might have forgotten

there's nothing better than curling up in a sofa in a big baggy hoodie sometimes. i'm glad it's the weekend, but it's definitely going to be a laid back one. school is almost over, but the next couple of weeks are going to be very hectic. i've been doing a lot of thinking lately. which is not new for me, but i've been thinking a lot about relationships lately. it's never easy. but then again there's no other way that we know. people are complex creatures, but i don't feel helpless. on the contrary, i feel hopeful. hopeful that through my attitude and actions, i will continue to meet incredible people. when experiences lead you to see who your real friends are, it's not easy. but after some getting used to, you can come to understand the method to the chaos in this universe. well, sort of. the last year, i have grown much more than i ever thought possible and have also changed a great deal. i'm happy where i am at this moment. despite things not being at their best, i always have faith that things will get better. or if not better, that they all will fall into place. time goes by and it shifts things into order. i don't know if this makes any sense, but i just wanted to remind you (in case you forgot), that no matter how crazy things get, it will get better. thunderstorms don't last forever. and even though life isn't perfect, we just need to learn to live with what we've got. the best song that i've found to some up my feelings towards life and the rest of humanity is "Learn to live with what you are" by Ben Folds. try to listen to the lyrics in a positive light, as if they are saying to be you and show that to the world. because the only person that can make you fully happy, is yourself.
if you're happy, share your positive energy with others. and if things aren't going so hot at the moment, keep your chin up.
i just wanted to send some positive thoughts and energy your way. i hope you have a wicked weekend,



  1. wow. this was so genuinely heartfelt. not that all your posts aren't, but this was just especially so.

    thanks for putting a smile on my face, gen. but more importantly, for putting a smile in my heart :)

  2. maybe the title of the post put it in my head, but i thought it was interesting that you talked about the ben folds song, because it was in my head while i was reading this and before i got to that part.

    great thoughts said well. i like this.