Thursday, April 16

music is what feelings sound like

i have been coming across some really cool bands lately through blogs and youtube channels. so i thought i would share them with you. i have recently been super into electronic pop progressive experimental type stuff that doesn't sound like anything you've heard before. it completely fits my mood and has become my new addiction. the three bands that i'm going to show you are either unsigned or part of an indie label so they don't really have music videos. but there is a lot of fans that make vids with their songs or people who record them at concerts, so that's what i found.

so first off is Owl City with "Rainbow veins". i'm pretty much in love with Adam Young. i plan to try to meet him one day to tell him how awesome he is.

second is Unwed Sailor with "Copper Islands". i actually discovered them because of Adam Young.

and last but not least is 100Monkeys with "Sweet Face". i wasn't aware of this when i first looked them up and started jamming to them, but Jackson Rathbone is part of the band. he plays Jasper (Edward's bro) in Twilight.

so i hope you enjoy the music, they are all worth checking out. i'm working on editing a vid with footage from the nature hike, so i hope to share it with you soon. in the meantime, i'm going to go listen to my finds, be back soon,



  1. oh, wow, i absolutely love "rainbow veins." it's so... bouncy and energetic and fun! and the lyrics are great.

    also, i really love the name of your blog.

  2. i'm glad you liked it. thanks, it's inspired from a Bob Marley quote :)