Tuesday, April 14

never judge an artwork by it's period

i have been away for far too long. i never thought that an entire week would actually go by without any blogs, but it has. i'm terribly sorry. i really have no excuse except that i keep thinking of things to blog about and then not physically sitting down to do it. well, here i am.
so i just wanted to mention about what i've been learning in art history this week. we are in the Gothic period. i never cared too much about the type of work to be honest. that all changed when my prof showed us all the details of Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France. it is incredibly elaborate and beautiful. i really want to visit it and take pics of every angle imaginable. the first pic is an aerial pic that i played around with, the second is a close up view of the west facade, the third is of the stained glass windows and the third is of the nave. the windows must be breathtaking in person, and it's amazing that they have survived for so many years (since 12th and 13th centuries). apparently, the light is like an uplifting spiritual experience in the cathedral because it's so bright and has the mixture of colors from the stained glass. even if you aren't Christian, the architechture is inspiring and the building becomes a piece of artwork from history.
i should be back shortly, literally. maybe even tonight or tomorrow. hope this week is treating you well,


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