Tuesday, April 14

passionate, affectionate and loud

i wrote this on the bus ride back to school, so it's a bit random. or more random than normal i should say...

everytime i hear the Gipsy Kings, i can't help but smile. if feels like i'm hit with memories of when i was younger. my mum loves them and at every party, reunion or even just to sit down and listen to some music, she would play the smooth, romantic, passionate, Spaniard band. it starts playing and it's as if i'm back hearing people speaking in Spanish, laughing, drinking, having a good time. there's an energy that is indescribable to when you are somewhere where everyone is having a good time. you feel a part of that energy. you can't help but smile and want to be a part of it all. i'm proud to be part of a culture that is so passionate, affectionate and loud. music needs to be more than heard, it needs to be felt and experienced. food needs to be more than just "good", you need to be able to taste the love that it was made with. you need to be able to smell your heritage, it needs to remind you of your childhood. drinking isn't used irresponsibly, but must be combined with food and dancing. and dancing, is an entire life in itself. movements on the dance floor are not only to enjoy yourself, it's a type of flirting and connection beyond any other type of pick-up line. i could never give up such a culture. it doesn't matter how many years i've lived "abroad". i'm a native. it's in my blood. it's in the way i want to live my life: passionate, affectionate and loud.

here is the Gipsy Kings's cover for the song Volare

i think this particular song captures the thoughts that i wrote about. hope you enjoy it. be back soon,


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