Sunday, October 3

seizing the light

i dedicate my sundays to yoga and studying. they are lovely lazy days that i try to be productive and get ready for the start of the week. i have a midterm this week in history of photography, so i'm working on memorizing slides and little bits of info of every image. i'm in love with the collaborative photographers Southworth & Hawes. their photographs are mostly studio portraits, but they dared to experiment with shadows and posing. they feel more than just a planned pose. many evoke a powerful emotion and you can't help but feel like you know the person. you feel the moment, you feel what they were capturing. the first image left the strongest impression on me because of its beauty and subject. in 19th century, it was popular to take post-mortem pictures, especially of babies and children. these are all daguerreotypes.

Unidentified child, deceased, 19th cent.

Albert Sands Southworth, c. 1848

Mrs. James Thomas Fields (Annie Adams), 1861

hope you have a good start of the week,


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  1. Hi Genevieve, thanks for visiting me and following - i'm following you as well ;) These photos are amazing - especially the first one, like you said. This kid looks so natural, relaxed and peaceful - and pretty!