Monday, October 11

oh oh, i want some more

as promised, here are some of my favorites from the slides i memorized for my history of photography midterm. i was away this weekend because i went home. although, i have internet and i take my books with me, the best advice is: 'when at home, do as the cat does'.

Negre, 1851

Southworth & Hawes, 1852

Marey, c. 1890

Man Ray, 1824

Rodchenko, 1928

Rodchenko, 1933

i'm sort of in love with Rodchenko at the moment. i love his experimentation with angles. he photographed with a Leica and shied away from the 'belly button' way of holding a camera. he was pretty bad ass like that.

i hope you have a wonderful start of the week,


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