Thursday, October 21

renaissance remembrance

i had my midterm in Early Renaissance in Italy yesterday. it wasn't so bad, it was nice walking out of an art history exam and still being able to feel my hand lol i'm eternally grateful to my professor for not making the exam too stressful. i felt much more capable of writing good essays. for the big essay, i chose to write about the Arena Chapel aka the Scrovegni Chapel aka Giotto's Grotto as one my past professor's liked to call it, in Padua, Italy. it's nice writing essays when you know what you're talking about. it was actually an enjoyable experience. i hope to one day be able to visit it, maybe i'll get lucky and go on a day that isn't so touristy.

ok enough about talking, here are some images:
1. looking east 2. looking west 3. Last Judgement on west wall 4. Betrayal of Judas on south wall 5. Lamentation on north wall (1305 for all)

tried to find the best quality, i think the last is not the one my professor used for sure. these are a couple of the more famous ones of all three registers that go around the chapel.

it's practically the weekend, so excited. ciao!,


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  1. Wow, so beautiful. I'd love to one day see it in person too! :) xo