Tuesday, October 5

college student caffeine compulsion

it's amazing the amount of energy and amusement that a double latte can have on me. although i am colombian, and i have a pretty intense tolerance for caffeine, if i go a few weeks without any espresso, it's like bam! energy. and then certain things just seem funnier than usual. if sleep deprivation is mixed in, well what some consider as mentally insane would begin to describe it. either way, i have 5 hours straight of lecture on tuesdays and i'm usually pretty mellowed out by the end of the day. after my last class i'm looking to take a nap, but today i grabbed a vanilla latte before my last double block and history of photography was pretty incredible. normally art history courses are in a super dim classroom so that we can see the slides on the projector. the windows have black curtains, it's a warm and cozy atmosphere because it's about 30 of us or so and if the professor has a soothing voice, it is very common for people to doze off. i think the professors are used to this by now, especially for afternoon classes after lunch.

however, today i was wide awake and taking pretty extensive notes. we whizzed by early 20th century photographers Rodchenko, Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, Atget, Steiglitz, Weston, Strand, Modotti and Ansel Adams. i can actually say that i didn't doze off once and that none of my notes have little jibberish lines. i will definitely post some images of these photographers in the coming posts, there was a lot that i love.

the following is a cover of The Smiths' "This Charming Man" by Stars. it's my current addiction. i love the original, as well, but i think that the cover is a great cover. sometimes covers don't do the song justice, but i think this one is awesome.

Be a coffee-drinking individual - espresso yourself!

this quote was too good not to share. maybe it's the coffee, but i find this incredibly hilarious. in a corny, older-person-trying-to-make-you-laugh kind of way.

ok, i'm going back to studying now. use this energy towards my exam coming up. hope you are having a good week,



  1. Hi,

    this post remided me of San Diego when I was living there going to college. I would start my day with a Quad iced latte, and by midafternoon, well why not have another quad latte... it took me some time getting over it, but I still like to endulge in the espresso latte's.. they are a jolt!

    And sitting in a art history class with 30+ students, and watching slides mixed with a little bit of snoring took me back...LOL