Wednesday, November 10

we are magnets

i visited the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, Fl a few weeks ago. it was bigger than i expected, and i was very excited when we reached the Pre-Columbian and African sections. it was a delightful surprise. it was also incredible to see Bouguereau's in real life. i took Beginnings of Modernism which was mostly French 19th century art and now seeing an example in real life, things definitely clicked. it was a lovely day and museum. if you're ever in town, i recommend it.

what made me come on and blog about it was that i was cleaning and came across the flyer and the sticker i was given at the front desk. and i always want to buy souvenirs from museums, but they can be a bit pricey. i don't remember how it came about one day, but i guess because i love collecting magnets, i thought of this little craft. it's really simple. all you need is scissors/exacto knife, glue and an old calendar/advertisement magnet or magnet tape. the awesome thing is that you can make your own magnets out of the stickers that museums give out as admission. or you can take a flyer and cut out the name or logo of the museum and glue it down on a magnet. i also have a magnet made out of a promotional button. i just took out the clothes pin with a plier and stuck a square strip of magnet tape to the back. foam figures make for cute magnets and you can make your own animal or letter magnets. the possibilities are almost endless. i think what i like most of this craft is that it only take a few minutes, it's relatively inexpensive and you can have a fridge full of souvenirs and new magnets.

hope you had a lovely thanksgiving holiday. i shall be back shortly, end of semester is approaching and i'm swamped with studying. but blogging makes for great study breaks and procrastination minutes. sending some creative thoughts your way,


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