Friday, November 5

here comes the sun

why hello there. in the midst of my non-stop studying and working this past week, i of course found some precious minutes of procrastination. i'm very interested in the relationship between our lives or work with the space in which we spend it. i love looking at how people's desks at home or work can be a reflection of the personality or point in their life. it's not so much if it's cluttered or clean, but the pieces and elements that string together to form a description. anyway, i sometimes love realizing the mix of things that have found their way to my little corner of the world. here is a few shots that i took while being in front of my computer. i was particularly interested in objects that can be viewed in different ways and can be placed outside of their typical use. enough speak, here they are:

(post-it inspiration was inspired by the post-it guy)

there is always some humor in anything that i do. i believe we shouldn't ever stop laughing. people that think i'm serious and shy, don't really know that inside i'm probably thinking of something funny or sarcastic. i'm a kid in an adult body, and i'll probably always be that way. the first image entertains me because instead of having a symbol of religion, i have a coffee bean. the toy is actually on my desk, i have a ton of knick-knacks and it's a recent acquisition. i have a billion post-its on my desk all the time for reminders and inspiration, i poke fun at my collection. i see figures and shapes in objects and always want to somehow use them for something different than their purpose.

this week has been one of the best weeks this semester. my dreams and aspirations have taken shape and i couldn't be more happy and relieved. i thought that school was going to make it very difficult and unpleasant, but life has a way of surprising you.

With hearts in our hands,
Like loaded guns,
We’re taking a chance,
We’re the lucky ones,
This moment is yours,
This moment is mine,
And we’re gonna be fine yeah,
We’re gonna be fine

-The Lucky Ones - Brendan James

this song has been stuck in my head a lot lately. it fits my mood perfectly.

hope you are having a lovely weekend, i might come back later and post something else. i feel that i'm already behind for november. oh how time flies. later gator,


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  1. I liked your little post-it man so I made him a celebrity on my blog. :)