Tuesday, November 9

dream a little dream of me

i volunteered and walked around the Downtown Festival and Art Show in Gainesville, Fl this weekend. it was wonderfully inspiring. i helped out with the artist check in, and i just imagined being older and having a booth. it's a dream to one day have a studio in my house, not because i want to make art to sell, but more for my personal hobby. i would love to have my own place where i could just get lost in art. i'm very realistic and i can see myself in the near future when i'm faced with the real world start to plan for things like this, along with retirement. i'm not a studio major, but i love art. i took studio classes over the summer and i miss them dearly.

i enjoy having dreams, but i enjoy them even more when i make them a reality. i can be stubborn and i work very hard, and my mentality is that no one is going to give you anything. you have to fight for what you want and not be afraid to work hard for it.

rereading this i feel like it makes me seem as if i was helpless growing up lol it's not the case. it's actually quite the opposite. i'm very blessed and have had much given to me. but this doesn't mean that i believe in taking the easy road. i could work a lot less, and it would be ok in society's terms. but i'm a dreamer and a doer.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm not a studio major, but i'm an artist. and just because i will work very hard in my early years not in a studio, doesn't mean that i can't be an artist, too. that's the funny thing about dreams, you have to convince yourself that they are attainable before you can really make them happen.

i hope you have a wonderful and productive week,


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  1. this blog is great and i look forward to reading more! - mel