Tuesday, February 16

finding someone to play the game with

i can't believe that i completely forgot to blog about The Young Victoria. i went to see it a few weeks ago in theaters and fell in love. Emily Blunt is quite convincing and the romance and passion between her and Rupert Friend feels very genuine. the movie combines the historical with the romantic love story in a way that feels honest and not cliche. if you like a political spin on the glam of royalty, and not just pretty dresses, i would definately recommend it. and if you like pretty dresses and an endearing love story, you will surely enjoy it as well. although, i do not encourage many people to look for movies online, i did find it on megavideo. but if it's still showing in theaters near you, it's worth the expensive ticket price.

if i haven't convinced you already, check out the trailer:

happy belated heart day, hope you were able to share it with the people you love most in your life. i know many people say that it is a hallmark holiday, but it's nice to hear that someone cares, from a family member or significant other. and the chocolate never hurts.



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