Wednesday, February 3

like a bomb in a birdcage

i'm taking a break from my visual analysis paper. i know i shouldn't but well i convinced myself that i would be getting my creative juices going and would sustain me from getting writer's block. well it sounded more convincing in my head...

anyway, just wanted to share the two images that i'm comparing and contrasting. fun times. i technically have yet to start my final paper. i'm still in the 'notes' part of the analysis. however, there is nothing that a little coffee and fear won't do to keep me from sleeping tonight. combined with the fact that after tomorrow, it's basically the weekend. ok, once again, it sounded more convincing in my head.

so this is Gustave Courbet, The Sleeping Spinner, 1853

and this is Jean-Francois Millet, Young Shepherdess with her Flock, 1862

and this is a little suggestion by pandora. it's A Fine Frenzy's 'What I Wouldn't Do'. i think it's adorably catchy. hope you like it.

well it's time to go back. but i hope you are having a good week. a plus tard mon amie,


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