Sunday, April 18

you're not a baby if you feel the world

hmm. it seems that my calendar went from february to april. i am terribly sorry.

school has been very busy this semester. for some reason i felt compelled to be super-woman and take on a lot of credits, but it will all be over soon.

life is funny. people are funny. i've noticed that a lot this semester. i've also learned that things have a weird way of working out. sometimes there's something that you really want, but you don't get it. and at first you go through the sadness that you didn't get it, but eventually there comes a point (if you're really paying attention) that you realize why it wasn't meant for at that moment. maybe, it was never meant to be.

i volunteer at the art museum and it's strange how people come specifically to see one piece of artwork. granted, it is a Monet, but it's not one of his best. it's simply the name that they came to see. and i'm not saying that i don't do that but i give the rest of the artwork a chance. i don't ignore and skip over the rest to go see that one name. it makes me laugh. i secretly wish that i could tell them what i consider to be more interesting in the museum and show them that instead. and the best part of the whole thing is that the Monet has an alarm, so if you get too close to it, it will go off. never fails that after you show the person where it is, about five seconds later you hear the thing go off. gets me every time.

here's what i've been pretty into lately...

i think that should get you pumped lol. it certainly gets me pumped. i'm taking french this semester (well i guess i should start saying i took french this semester), finals start this week. it was a lot of fun, my t.a. was hilarious and really kept the class interesting. we had it monday through friday at 9:30, but it think that was the first morning class i've ever really enjoyed. i'm going to miss it. j'aime le cours de fran├žias!

i'm (trying to) write a term paper on Berthe Morisot. i would tell you the topic, but i don't think i'll know until it's finished lol but i shall come back and put up all the her paintings i'm using for my illustrations. and this time i will be back. there's going to be a lot of free time to procrastinate studying the next two weeks.

i will try to be back as soon as possible, i have to get back into the swing of blogging again. it feels like it's been ages. but i won't let my little minute square of the interwebz die so easily. we made a year this past february, this is pretty incredible for me. so i won't disappear, promise.

leave you with a happy image:

incidently, if you're ever having a bad day, just google image 'kittens i love you' or 'puppies i love you'. for some reason, you forget your worries for a bit. i have a weakness. it's a problem.



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