Wednesday, April 21

just breathe, just believe

if there is ever something that can either bring all your emotions into the present, it's taking a deep breath. maybe you think this is cliche, but try it. take a slow deep breath. take five deep, meaningful breaths.

sometimes we let our stress take over our emotions, take over our actions, take over our thoughts. i feel horrible when i let this happen. it's usually around the times of finals if i've barely slept and i'm not eating well. but last night before i went to sleep, i did some yoga breathing and although a bunch of emotions flood you at once (especially if you're overwhelmed with thoughts), it felt better. it felt like i was getting rid of my negative energy and going to enjoy my rest.

so if you're feeling stressed out or just tired. stop. take a breath or a few. and it can help you keep going.

i hope you have a wonderful rest of the week, and i hope things are less stressful on your end.



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