Friday, October 2

cause you gotta have faith

october's here. that was quick. i'm excited for this month. it is the month in which i was born and it's halloween and the weather is going to get nice. i'm stoked.

i have this weird addiction to george michael's 'faith'. not his faith literally that would be even more weird, but the song. you probably know the tune, it's one of the fabulously cheesy 80s songs that gets stuck in your head and you can't do anything but really want to listen to it. or in my case, dance around my dorm to it. i don't think i like it so much because of the music per se, but more for the lyrics. and i'm not a gay man getting over a bad break up either. but i think having faith in anything or anyone is something you gotta do. it keeps me going, when times get tough. so "before this river becomes an ocean", i'm just going to drink some coffee, listen to some music and occasionally dance around my dorm.

some interesting, cute and funny things i've seen in the last couple of weeks (that i wish i would have taken pictures of)...

i saw a student walking around with a parasol in the sun. she made my day.

i was stopped at a light and a guy in scrubs skated by on a longboard. it made me laugh and kind of want to meet him.

i eat lunch outside the library a lot and i always see the coolest people on the coolest bikes go by. especially one guy with killer dreads.

i met a seven week old kitten that had been taken in as a stray. she was fragile, under nourished and tiny, but she was so adorable.

i found the pics on flickr. but maybe next time i'll have a cam and the daring to try to take a shot of what i witness.

well i hope you have a happy friday and that you get to witness something interesting, cute and or funny. be back soon,


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