Monday, October 19

it's all coming back to me now

when i was in high school, i used to go to a lot of concerts. it was the thing to do with my friends. we didn't go to many mainstream, pay-$100-to-see-me-live shows. we went to the indie shows and warped tour. and recently thinking about going to see certain bands, i realized how much i miss it. i miss going to listen to your favorite songs, dancing and screaming your heart out, camera stalking the lead singers and moshing until you couldn't breathe. good times. it was a pretty big part of our lives. we would go and then buy the shirts to rep the bands we saw, and hope that after the show they would come out and say hello. the autographs didn't mean as much as getting a pic with your favorite band member. it was the highlight of the week.
so, i started looking up shows around here and of course started looking up bands that i saw in the line-up. there's nothing better than discovering new music.
anyway, just being a bit nostalgic. and since i haven't put up a music post in a while. i decided to share a cool find.
if you ever listened to dispatch, then you should check out state radio. it's with one of the guys from dispatch and with a similar vibe. on myspace they categorize themselves as 'rock/reggae/indie' but i don't think that's enough of a description. if you've never heard, then i suggest a listen.

i hope you like it, i'll come back with some other stuff i've found or been recommended next time. i'm going to go try to be productive as i look up some more shows. hope all is well,


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