Sunday, September 6

tie-dye things and random musings

as promised, pics of my tie-dye adventures this summer. i dyed three shirts and a purse that i sewed together. i put a bunch of colorful buttons, that ended up dying the cloth as well, which gave it an unexpected effect. i was pleased with the outcome. i plan on doing some more, hopefully soon. i love the way you don't know how it's going to turn out. you can never replicate an exact dye twice. each is an individual beauty and occurence. everytime i went to take off the rubber bands and unravel the twists and turns, it was like christmas morning when you're a kid. don't know what to expect but you're secretly wishing for somthing that you wanted, but getting something else is still getting a surprise. it's amazing.

and here are my random musings of jellyfish on friday and saturday night. i started with the markers and colored pencils, then did a simple sketch with graphite pencils and then went on to watercolor. the green one of the markers was something i titled 'cabbage or jellyfish' lol. i haven't done any charcoal sketches, but i might do one in the next couple of days. i have this idea floating around in my brain, that i might try to do in my sketch pad with graphite pencils. hopefully it will turn out or convey what i want. if it works, i'll share it.

and i also included a graphite sketch from either early summer or late spring semester. i couldn't get the hair, so i won't even show it here but i'll show you her face. and also i was playing around with watercolor and it only makes sense to put up it, since it's the slogan for this blog. anyway, i felt like sharing some work. it's nothing that great, i know, but i've never put anything up other than photography so i felt like spicing it up a bit.

i hope your holiday weekend is going lovely, i'll be back soon with some thoughts on animism,


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