Monday, September 14

the tide of a new week

tonight i'm in the library, watching online lectures, catching up on the reading that was not read this weekend. i went home for the weekend and spent saturday and sunday as much time as i could at the beach. it was a lovely and relaxing escape. there's nothing better than laying down and listening to the waves crash on the shore. i was imagining doing yoga on the beach. that would be pretty amazing, one day i shall do that. well, i hope your monday wasn't too bad. i've been really inspired lately with coldplay's viva la vida cd and i can't get enough of santana's "samba pa ti" as per usual. how cool is the strawberry swing vid? i don't know, maybe it's just me, but i think it's genius and entertaining. coldplay is perfect to listen to when i'm walking around campus and daydreaming, staring at the trees. i really need to see santana before i die or well, he does. he's perfect to listen to when i'm hanging out or studying. speaking of which, i should go back to the lecture tab on this window lol. oh and the pic above i found on flickr, it just made me smile, so i wanted to share it.
anyway, hope you have a great week, i shall be back tomorrow hopefully with a mini adventure story. until then,


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