Tuesday, September 22

something about table settings

i can't believe it's tuesday already. where did the weekend and monday go? well, i hope you had a nice weekend and your monday wasn't too tough. i've been writing papers and now studying for my first art history exam. things are crazy, but i'm enjoying what i'm studying so i guess it's ok.
on saturday night i went out to dinner with some friends to this really cool pizza place. i took some shots while we were waiting for the food and they also have a store with knick knacks and things. i took a pic of a door that was decorated all in beads and little decorations. i'm completely in love with this idea. i hope i can somehow recreate that door, maybe in a table or something. and last night with some people that live in my building, we had a mini tea party. so i took some shots of the scrumptious food of course. i have this new found interest in photographing tables with eating utensils and glasses. here they are...

happy news: i bought some dyes and t-shirts with my friend to tie-dye. hopefully we can squeeze it into our schedule soon.
and i don't really think many people do this but this is my 50th blog post :) woo. i think it's kinda cool, maybe it's just me.
anyway, hope you are doing well. sending warm thoughts your way, be back soon,



  1. congrats on the 50th! woot woot lol
    and lovely pictures, as usual :)