Tuesday, May 5

yummy, yummy for my tummy

i'm in the process of learning how to cook on my own with the help of my very wonderful mum. i know how to make certain things on my own and i enjoy cooking. the freedom of creating things your own way is exciting to me. but i'm trying to learn how to look at what i have in the fridge and pantry and whip something up. so i'm in charge of the kitchen, cooking and cleaning. all my mum has to do is help me brainstorm what to make, tell me how to cook it and teach me the variations. i'm enjoying it very much. i'm trying to cook as healthy as possible so that the bike ride every day pays off in a few weeks. my energy levels are pretty high with all the time to organize and create. i'm starting my new job this week, although i thought that i wasn't going to start until next week, i'm ready to start. things are organized for the most part, so i'm happy and at peace. and i decided that one day i'm going to learn how to make sushi. i have an obsession with it, i need to be able to make some homemade sushi rolls and sashimi. 
i liked the girl's winter hat in the pic above, she had a cool style and captured my sentiments at times with my fridge. hope your week is going well and that you are eating yummy things too,


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  1. Cooking is awesome. :)
    Sounds like your having a ball!