Thursday, September 30

being cool in the nineteenth century

this daguerreotype intrigues me. it is called Portrait of a blind man holding a cat (c. 1850) with an unknown photographer. naturally i think it's awesome because it's probably one of the first photographs with a cat, but there's something else about it. although only blind men wore 'shades' in photographs, in today's perception he looks 'cool'. but i guess it's the movement of the cat. it's an endearing image, while at the same time creepy. i think it's great. the cat is blurred because exposure times used to be super long and if anything moved, it wouldn't show up. the cat probably stood still for most of the exposure but then decided to move and now it looks like a ghost of a pet. i'm taking history of photography and i'm now obsessed now with daguerreotypes. it might have been one of the first photographic processes, but it remains as one of the best images that you can capture. if you were able to microscopically zoom in on this photograph, you would see an incredible zoom. i could keep going on how this works, but i'm going to refrain from getting too nerdy.
i'm going to go back to studying now. tomorrow's friday, get excited.


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