Monday, December 7

set yourself on fire

hmm. november seems to have slipped through my fingers. it was a good month though. ate a lot of food. hope it was good for you too.

now it's december...finals and end of semester scramble. lots of fun the library.

i was introduced to stars this year and i'm kind of addicted. take a listen, it might become your new study/chill mix. pandora radio station is worth a listen of them.

i'm working hard the last couple of weeks, to see if i can pull through. i finish next week on thursday and heading home on friday. my home and tons of books await me. i've never read any jane austen, shocking i know, so i shall read some works. throw some cecelia ahern in the mix and some old favorites. it will be a grand old time. can't wait.

and i'll be heading to the movies to catch up on all the films i haven't seen.

oh, speaking of which. i saw Amelie finally. it was incredible. so is the soundtrack. definitely go check out both. i'm in love with Jean-Pierre Jeunet and his genius.

i shall be back during one of my next study breaks. especially when i'll be studying for art history. i'll put up some of my favorites. lots to choose from since my last exam is going to cover rococo to pop art. it's a bit crazy, but i can't wait to study for it.

hope your week is starting off well. good luck to those in finals or approaching finals. it's almost over. be back soon...i promise lol


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